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The founder of DR HB Prinsloo Consulting

Herman Prinsloo is the proud founder of Dr HB Prinsloo Consulting. 
He has walked a long and challenging path towards achieving the success he can call his own today.
Prior to starting his career and later starting his own company, he studied at Potchefstroom University for Christian Higher Education. He has completed a total of 5 degrees (some while working) over a period of 10 years.
•  In 1989 he started studying for his Bachelor of Arts degree which he completed in 1991 
•  He studied for his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) [Semitics (Cum Laude)] in 1992 and completed this degree within the
   same year
•  In 1993 he registered for his Bachelor of Arts (Honours) [Divinity] and completed this degree in 1995
•  In 1994, during the course of his second Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree, he started studying for his Masters degree
   [Acadian (Cum Laude)] which he completed in 1996
•  Finally, in 1996 he started studying for his PhD, completing this in 1999.
Herman regards education as the key to success (different wording needed – opportunities/potential).  He lectures university students and sponsors a select few (in his employ?) in their post graduate studies.  
His SAP skills include Business Consulting, Change Management, Continuous Business Improvement  (CBI), Basis Consulting, VB Programming and Training.  His Business Consulting strategy is hands on.  He joins a project to assess the business needs and, in consultation with the client, proposes resources that he manages until the agreed tasks and outcomes have been completed. He is a powerful visionary with perseverance, drive and great hopes and plans for the future. 

The start of Dr HB Prinlsoo Consulting

Dr HB Prinsloo consulting started quite serendipitously* on 1 December 2006 and has been fortunate to work on long-term and ad hoc projects with 6 permanent team members and a group of 15 ad hoc SAP and non-SAP Consultants within its first 6 years of operation. Dr HB Prinsloo consulting has a good reputation in the SAP market for employing a variety of CBI, Change and Training specialists who have the ability to deliver practical and value-adding solutions in less than perfect project conditions, notably in the Organisational Development and SAP space.  

Our unique home grown combination Gestalt-Behaviourist approach provides a methodological basis that can bridge the gap between global best practise implementation methodologies and the unique multi-lingual, multi-skilled and multi-cultural environments in which we are tasked to deliver effective and lasting CBI, change and training solutions. (See How we work)


About us


•  We are a young company that employs
   people/consultants with considerable experience,
   we pride ourselves on working with our clients to
   give them what they need and want.  
•  We have a wide network of contacts and are
   able to increase our expertise by sourcing and
   recruiting solution experts. 
•  We create solutions that enable organisations to
   maximise their returns and reduce their costs. 
•  We add value by improving the performance of
    people, processes and technology.  

WHY choose us?

•  We focus on meeting needs and solving problems
•  We never say no to a request or challenge
•  We offer opportunities to enthusiastic newcomers as well as experienced, mature business consultants
•  We conduct health checks to improve your company’s performance
•  We deliver according to our brief
•  We provide change interventions that get people’s buy-in
•  We provide training that transfers knowledge
•  Our clients promote us
•  We are a level four B-BBEE contributor with 100% procurement recognition
•  We provide contract management / payroll services



HOW do we work?


•  We consult and deliver according to our brief 


•  Our consultants have considerable experience.  Through our networks, we are able to source and recruit solution experts. 


•  We analyse needs and give clients what they want. 


•  Create solutions that enable organisations to maximise their returns and reduce their costs.


Herman, has a client ever not been satisfied with our service?  If so, what did you do to correct the situation?  (Cadbury comes to mind)  I think it will be good if we can outline how the company managed a problem (without identifying the client) and/or manages problems in general.


To ensure that we always provide the most effective solutions possible, we concentrate our services on the gestalt-behaviourist approach.


In offering our services to organisations worldwide, we ensure that we take into account all uniquely contributing factors (language, culture, level of skill, etc.) to understand the dynamic ways of individuals as well as how they function in groups and an organisation as a whole that may affect the success of an implementation. Meeting the needs of its people, the most important asset in any organisation, is vital to the success of the organisation.


It is impossible to accurately assess and provide the correct solution if we assume that every environment in which we work is universal in nature.


Ultimately we provide services in such a way as to ensure that whilst using global best practise methodologies, we take into account the ever-changing factors that may affect the way in which an organisation functions.  Based on this combination, we build a most suitable and effective solution.



We believe in experiential learning


All the techniques that we use are based on the principle of experiential learning. Individuals who are actively engaged in the learning process, who complete the learning tasks and then reflect on what they’ve done, have a greater opportunity for retaining the information than those who only hear and read the information.


Classroom training promotes active engagement, for example, participants complete SAP transactions themselves in a SAP training environment.  We include fun activities in our training for learners to better associate the theory learnt with easy-to-understand practical concepts. In this way we effectively transfer knowledge and help clients to function independently.



We add value


We add value by improving the performance of people, processes and systems within an organisation. These 3 components are integral to the effective functioning of any organisation; a change in one of these components may affect the other 2 components. For this reason we take all 3 components into account when providing an organisation with a suitable and effective solution. See our Services and SAP tools



We specialise in CBI, Change and Training, and add further value to an organisation by:


•  Consulting / Business Consulting
•  We assess the client’s needs
•  We assist in finding a suitable solution that will
    benefit | the client’s needs
•  Project Management
•  We offer effective Project Management, ensuring
    that any change your organisation is experiencing
    is managed suitably.

WHAT services do we offer?


A system is only as good as the people who use it.  Do you need to improve the productivity of your people?  Do you need to reduce your operating costs?


We offer options and advise … you decide!  You know your business … we know our technology and understand processes and behaviour.  In consultation with you, we put the three together and come up with what will work best for your organisation. 



We provide professional services in three areas, namely:


•  Organisational Change Management


•  Training


•  SAP (Systems Applications Products)