What Our Clients Say

The feedback from the Train the Trainer is out and our team got a 98.5% approval rating for the training material and training facilitation of the initial 3-day Train the Trainer programme!  Thanks to the entire training team that worked hard of the material and presentation that made this result possible.

Training Group Manager, Saudi Arabia

Thanks to you and the whole OCM team. You can be proud of your amazing communication activities.

IT Director, Saudi Arabia

Dr HB Prinsloo Consulting Services have been assisting us with Change Management, Training, and recently were awarded our SAP Support Contract.   They are a very professional organisation and assisted by adding a significant amount of value to our organisation. The staff are knowledgeable, dependable and honest. They have delivered (within deadlines and budget) everything that has been requested of them.  They have also made recommendations that have enhanced and supported our business.  We consider Dr HB Prinsloo Consulting Services a significant asset to our business.

CFO, South Africa

Your impact on our SAP project is indelible and we will remember you fondly for the role you played, and indeed are continuing to play.

CIO, Saudi Arabi

It’s so sad to see you leave, you have become a part of our family, a part of the furniture here…

Manager Technology Projects,  South Africa

Let me also add my sincere thanks and appreciation to all of you in the OCM team –wonderful to see that you have pulled this off so nicely.  I can’t even imagine how much work has gone into this colossal task, and how many challenges and roadblocks you have had to overcome.  Let us feel fortified from this and double up our efforts to see ourselves through the next set of milestones.  Go OCM!

CIO, Saudi Arabia

I never realised you were consultants, I thought you were employees.

MD, South Africa

Dr Prinsloo and his team had been instrumental in the introduction, implementation, and embedment of the system an the project overall.   Given that the project had relevancy across 6 business units and head office, the work had been extensive across geographical and cultural boundaries.   The effective way and trusted methods employed by Dr Prinsloo and his team were more than commendable and they successfully translated employee issues and fears into measurable energy which were applied within the parameters of the project.

The team was ever proactive during the implementation and their guidance to me as Business Lead was infinite, considering that I had no prior experience in system implementation.  Official communiques were expertly authored by the Dr HB Prinsloo Consulting team, and correct and timely messages were delivered on an ongoing basis throughout the project.

I have come to realise the value of the change management through the Dr HB Prinsloo Consulting team.  I am of the opinion that no major transformation in the workplace can occur without the utilization of a skilled change management team.”

Head of Exports, International Mining Company

I have been thinking about how good your assistance was after our SAP implementation 5 years ago.  We wish you could be here in Argentina to assist us!  You were extremely professional and very honest: good to do business with people that have high professional standards!

Global CFO, London, UK